Should I Buy or Lease in Old Town?

Car-buying paperwork

Now that you’ve made the decision about what kind of new or used vehicle, the next choice is whether you should buy or lease. When you select a Jeep car lease deal, you’re getting a number of advantages that buying, but buying also has a number of benefits that you should keep in mind. Find out more about why getting a Dodge lease deal in Chiefland can be an important thing to consider when you’re making a new purchase. While neither path is “better” than the others, it is good to know the difference between buying and leasing and planning accordingly for your Trenton vehicle. Find out more about buying and leasing, as well as Chrysler leasing opportunities in Chiefland.

Long and Short-Term Costs of Leasing and Buying

Selecting a Jeep car lease offer comes with lower monthly payments right off of the bat compared to if you buy it. You’ll spend less on the taxes as well as the down payments. The same is true if you select a Chrysler leasing opportunity in Chiefland, or you decide to take advantage of one of our Dodge leasing options in Chiefland. However, leasing options are temporary, after the terms of your lease are up you have to return the vehicle, and you cannot make any modifications to the vehicle as you don’t own it.

Buying however comes with a higher deposit, higher monthly payment, and taxes. However, there are still benefits to purchasing a vehicle. Financing allows you to pay off your loan early if you exceed the monthly payments. You can also modify the vehicle as you wish because you own it and once it has been paid off, the vehicle remains as equity. 

Mileage & Restrictions

If you finance a car, you’ll not have to worry about the mileage limits or limits that are common when you lease. Jeep car leasing opportunities do however come with a limitation on the number of miles you can travel each month, which is set by the terms of your lease. Exceeding this limit, however, comes with fees that can become quite heavy. This makes it better for those that commute short distances each month, however, it still can be a benefit to selecting a Chrysler lease in Chiefland, you simply need to decide which option is best for you. 

You also have other restrictions as mentioned before, such as the need to keep your Dodge lease vehicle in Chiefland as close to factory new as possible. This also limits your activities with the vehicle near Bronson, as the dealership still owns the vehicle. Leased vehicles however any maintenance is covered by the dealership, whereas all repairs that take place after the warranty on your newly financed vehicle wears off have to be covered solely by you. And those prices can add up over time. 

Explore Leasing and Financing Options at Chiefland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT

When it comes down to the bottom line, there are benefits to both buying and leasing, so you need to decide what is best for your needs. You can speak to our finance department with any questions you might have, as we’ll help you decide. You can contact us today as well if you haven’t scheduled a test drive of one of our many vehicles.

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