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Repairing Car Flood Damage

Flood Damage, Water Damage

Accidents happen, and that’s just a fact of life for drivers near Old Town. Sometimes these accidents can result in some serious damage to your car, inside and out. When it comes down to flooding inside your vehicle you have to determine if your car has been damaged beyond repair, or if there may just be a way to fix that flood damage repair. That is where the experts at Chiefland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT service center come in. We’re ready to get you not only started on repairs quickly, but we’ll work to get rid of as much car flood damage as possible. Find out more about how flood damage repair works, and how Chiefland Chrysler Dodge Jeep Ram FIAT can help you when the unthinkable happens near Trenton

Car Flood Damage Repair

The damage inflicted on your car by flooding can vary, but it also has a number of factors that influence the extent of the damage. How deep was the flooding, what sort of liquid was it (a chemical, treated water, river water, rainwater, etc.) Even if your vehicle has been sitting in flooded river water, after a particularly bad flood near, or accidentally fell into a river near Bronson, you might still be able to save your vehicle. Some things to consider: 

  • If your engine has been flooded, do not turn it on. Remove the spark plugs, flip the battery over manually, and make sure you clear the cylinders of water. Dry the spark plug holes and intakes with compressed air. Replace the oil filter, and drain the oil.
  • Check the transmission fluid to make sure it hasn’t flooded as well. Transmissions can rust, which could cause your clutch to fuse to your flywheel.
  • Drain your fuel system, to make sure no water has mixed into your gas.
  • Check your safety systems. Brakes, power steering, and more need to be flushed to make sure nothing remains inside that could short them. 
  • Thoroughly dry everything.

Cleaning Your Car Of Mold

Assuming your car flood damage has been repaired, the next step is making sure that mold doesn’t take hold inside the interior of your vehicle. It’s an unfortunate thing to deal with, but the conditions inside a flooded car make for great growing conditions for a number of mold species, and it’s best to make sure none of them take hold and spread. 

  • Remove any trash, debris, clothing, or other items from inside your car as mold can grow especially quickly on wet clothing.
  • Allow your interior to dry before cleaning
  • Use a dry vacuum to clean the upholstery thoroughly, including under and between the seats
  • White vinegar, baking soda, and hot water in a spray bottle make for a great mold remover. It removes odors and is particularly effective against black mold. You can also use color-safe bleach and water in one-to-one ratios, though test this beforehand as it may cause discolorations.
  • Leave your doors open, and spray the interior of your car down. It can work as both a mold remover, and a general cleaner
  • If mold is proving particularly hard to remove, the upholstery attachment on a vacuum may work.
  • After you’re done, let your interior dry out with the windows down. You don’t want to risk the mold spreading again.

Keep Your Vehicle Running Safely with Our Service Center

Whether you need new parts, or just want to schedule routine maintenance, you can rely on our expert service technicians to handle the job. You’ll be able to contact us or schedule an appointment online. And in the event that your car is beyond repair, you can always browse our inventory of new and used vehicles to help you find a replacement quickly. 

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